General Terms

Betting Company – a service (1xBit) on the Internet that allows users to place bets on a sporting event online.

Affiliate Program– a marketing agency that attracts new visitors to the website with the help of affiliation methods.

Affiliate – webmaster (an individual or a legal entity) which fulfils the conditions of the Affiliate Program at, attracts new users and thus promotes the products of 1xBit Betting Company and Casino.

Players – the Betting Company's clients who registered personal accounts after following the affiliate link and made a required minimum deposit in such accounts.

Earnings - the amount of money, raised by the Affiliate as a commission fee from the profit of the attracted players.

Payment – crediting the Affiliate's earnings from the internal invoice of the Affiliate Programme to external payment system or to the account on

Accounting Period – a period of time during which the amount raised by the Affiliate becomes available for transfer through external payment system chosen by the Affiliate.

Promotional Materials – a set of tools for promoting 1xBit Betting Company.

Affiliate Agreement

1. Affiliate agrees to read, understand and accept the conditions of the Affiliate Program before using it

2.The Affiliate Program conditions may be changed. By participating in the Affiliate program the Affiliate accepts that the following rules and conditions can be changed without prior notice.

3. Only a person over 18 years of age can participate in and fulfil the conditions of the Affiliate Program.

4. The Affiliate is fully responsible for the safety of personal data including login credentials and password. 1xBit Affiliate Program bears no responsibility for the loss of personal data.

5. 1xBit Affiliate Program reserves the right to refuse the collaboration with any partner without expressing the reason for it.

6. 1xBit Affiliate Program reserves the right to make changes to the existing terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The valid Terms and Conditions are those posted on the Affiliate Program website. All previous versions are declared voided.

7. Clients of the Affiliate Program are provided with graphic promotional materials without text. Affiliates can use the information on the website in all possible ways.

8. Affiliates are not permitted to use unsolicited email (spam), Click-under and Pop-under ads for 1xBit advertising without prior approval from the Affiliate Program team. Affiliates are not permitted to use suspected traffic which, in the reasonable opinion of 1xBit, is not generated in good faith, including but not limited to traffic generated via Spam or through the use of 1xBit’s trademarked material. Affiliates are not permitted to use contextual advertising containing the 1xBit brand name, or to create websites, whose domain names contain the 1xBit brand name. It is also not permitted to create websites, whereby the main content is nothing more than SEO-optimized articles, with the primary purpose of acquiring branded traffic from search engines. In the event such sources of traffic are identified, the Affiliate’s Account will be closed and all the earnings will be voided.

9. The use of 'cookie stuffing' techniques by Affiliates is prohibited:

- the opening of the 1xBit website in iframe with sides of zero length or in an invisible zone;

- adding tags, cookie scripts and other similar actions.

If a participant of the Affiliate Program violates these Terms and Conditions his personal account will be annulled and blocked without warning.

10. The Affiliate Program is available only for one participant. Second registration as a sub-partner is strictly prohibited.

11. Affiliates are prohibited to register their personal player account with 1xBit through their own affiliate link and to collude with other players.

12. You shall ensure (and take adequate and appropriate measures to ensure) that the players referred by you to 1xBit are of legal age to participate in the services and that they shall comply with the general terms and conditions.

Commission Fees for Referrals

The Affiliate's earnings are not fixed. They depend on the Betting Company's revenue from the players, who have registered by following the Affiliate link. Commission fees, bonuses, total turnover of the attracted player do not affect the Affiliate's earnings, which are equal to 25-40% of the Betting Company's net profit, raised by the Affiliate's players. The Affiliate's rate may be changed. If so, the Affiliate will be informed by email.

Payment of Commission Fees

The Affiliate can get its commission fees every week (each Tuesday for the previous period (from Monday to Sunday), but only if prior the payment details are agreed with a manager, and if the payment exceed the minimal sum of 5 mBTC (or $30 or 1500₽). If the Affiliate did not accumulate this amount, the money will be automatically transferred for the next week and it will repeat until the necessary sum is accumulated. Any negative balance will be also added to the calculation of the next week’s profit.

1xBit Affiliate Program reserves the right to delay payments to the Affiliates for a period of up to 2 months in case of unforeseen technical failures on the part of the Affiliate Program and when the situation requires a thorough check of the Affiliate and the source of his traffic.

1xBit Affiliate Program holds the right to request an Affiliate for the traffic sources where the Betting Company and Casino are promoted. The Affiliate Program reserves the right to end partnership with the Affiliate, if the Affiliate refuses to show the sources.

Affiliate program reserves the right not to pay out income in case when the Affiliate engages fake players. If the administration of the affiliate program notices uncharacteristic behavior of the players, Affiliate’s account can be blocked, and payouts can be frozen for an indefinite period until the circumstances are clarified. If during inspection the violation of rules was confirmed the Affiliate program reserves the right to void any pending Payouts towards the Affiliate.

Dispute Resolution Procedure

All disputes are resolved privately. The participants in the Affiliate Program 1xbit-affiliates can dispute any question, because the Affiliate Program will consider all requests,provided there are concrete facts and arguments for them . They should be sent at the Affiliate Program support service email. Within 14 days from receiving the letter complaints and requests will be reviewed and the Affiliate will receive a notification about the results in a return email. The use of obscene language, insults of any kind or false data are strictly prohibited.

1xBit Affiliate Program is not responsible for the content of any Affiliate’s website.